Curling Etiquette

Curling Etiquette

Curling is one of the few remaining amateur sports. Curling has always been
known for the good sportsmanship among its members, both on and off the ice.
While most courtesies suggested below will not be found in the rule book, they
are practice by all curlers who understand the true spirit and tradition of
the "Roaring Game."

1) It is important that a player
be at the club and ready to play before the scheduled game time. If a player
fails to show up for a game, he or she inconveniences seven (7) other players.
If you cannot make a game, it is YOUR responsibility to provide a substitute
or notify the skip.

2) Never go on the ice without
first cleaning your footwear. If possible, do not wear your street shoes for
curling. Foreign material tracked onto the ice impedes the running of the stones,
which may result in a missed shot.

3) It is everyone's responsibility
to remove straws, brush hairs and debris from the ice, except that it is improper
to remove any foreign objects from beneath a moving stone or a stone in play.

4) Be prepared to clean and
delivery of your stone as soon as your opponent has completed his delivery.

5) After delivering your stone,
move to the side of the sheet, between the "hog" lines, unless you are the skip
or acting skip. Leads and seconds are not permitted in the "house" or "rings",
except when sweeping or to remove the stones AFTER the count has been determined
by the vice skips.

6) Do not continue to play with
the brush or broom that is worn to the point of leaving debris on the ice. Many
a game has been lost when a crucial shot has been deflected by a brush hair
or a broom straw.

7) Do not let stones run into
or over the hacks, or hit the back board at high speed. Equipment may be damaged
or players injured by rebounding stones.

8) To avoid injury, slide the
stones from place to place on the ice. Do not lift them, except to remove them
from the back board to the ice and vice-versa. Do not walk backwards on the
ice and always watch running stones whether delivered by your rink or your opponents.

9) Under no circumstances are
food, drink or glassware allowed ON the ice.

10) Curling is a game of tradition
as well as skill. Every game is started with a hearty handshake and a sincere
expression of "Good Curling" to your opponents and you teammates. Every game
is ended with a hearty handshake and a friendly comment to the winners regarding
their play. Traditionally, we gather with our opponents after the game to share
a glass of our favorite beverage and enjoy a friendly discussion of shots missed
and made in the game. Therefore, we never do or say anything on the ice, which
would be a cause for embarrassment to ourselves or our opponents during the
post-game gathering.

11) Safety Tips for Curlers
and Curling Clubs: Curlers get their "Sea Legs" on the ice after their first
several games. It's normally not difficult to get around on the ice. However,
ice is ice, and if a curler is careless, a fall can result in serious injury.
New curlers are cautioned to be careful while moving or standing on the ice.
Even experienced curlers should pay attention to the cautions.